The Animated Story Of Marco Polo Video On Interactive DVD

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Marco Polo (September 15, 1254-January 8, 1324) was a well-traveledVenetian explorer and trader.åÊ He intrigued audiences with his tales ofmagnificent palaces The timeåÊ is 1296 in Turkey. Marco Polo, hisfather and his uncle have just returned after a twenty five-yearjourney of the East. They tell the Duke of Venice about the riches theyhave found. The Duke of VeniceåÊ doubts the stories of riches from China.Main Characters:Marco Polo, Nicolo Polo, Maffeo Polo, Duke of Venice, the Duke and Duchess of Genoa, Kublai KahnOverall Theme:Marco Polo inspired many explorers through his book about his travels throughout India, China and many other exotic lands far from his native home of Italy.åÊ In spite of the many doubters, Marco Polo teaches of a peace that comes with being honest.Summary:Not long after he returned a war broke outåÊ between the cities of Genoa and Venice.åÊ Marco went to fight in a war. He met a sailor named Rusticello. Rusticello was also a writer.åÊ Marco and his new friend are captured by the Duke and Duchess of Genoa. The Duchess was impressed withåÊ Marco Polo‰۪s stories and visits him in prison.Marco tells the Duchess about his adventures in China and Kublai Kahn.åÊ During this time, Rusticello continues to write about the adventures of Marco Polo.åÊ After spending years in prison, the war is over and Marco is released. Rustincello shows him the book he has written about his adventures. Marco doubts that anyone would believe him and asks Rusticello to share his stories. The Travels of Marco Polo became one of the most influential books of the Middle Ages.Background:Marco was the son of a rich merchant named Nicolo. He was 17 years old when he left Venice and 42 years old when he returned from the East.åÊ In 1492, inspired by Polo‰۪s writings, Christopher Columbus set sail toåÊ to find the East. In 1514 the Portuguese proved that Marco Polo had indeed told the truth.Bonus Offer - Free Instant Download of the Interactive Activity and Coloring book with purchase of DVDResource & Activity Books: Each DVD has a 48-page Instant Download Resource & Activity Book full of skill developing activities, Scripture references, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, resources, and more. Provides hours of fun and learning!Excellent for developing a curriculum, each Resource & Activity Book will enhance the learning experience your child will enjoy. Includes coloring activities with word games, puzzles, and other games that teach your child to think creatively. These books will enhance their ability to comprehend the messages from the video series in their entirety. Photocopy ready pages provide an excellent tool for Sunday schools, daycares and home schooled children that need curriculum. Certificates of Achievement in the back of the book serve as an excellent award your child can hang up with provide after completing the course. Principles and Values Taught in This Video Trust, Faithfulness, Obedience, Courage, and Honesty.