The Animated Story Of Christopher Columbus Video On Interactive DVD

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Christopher Columbus (1451-May 20, 1506) was an Italian navigator and explorer credited with the discovery of the Americas. A man of great leadership and courage, he often used converting non-believers as a reason for his explorations.

Main Characters:Christopher Columbus; his brother Bartholomew; King John; Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain; Talavera, Captain Martin Pinzon; Rodrigo.

Overall Theme: Christopher Columbus had to struggle for many years to achieve his dream of sailing west across the great ocean, expanding the horizons of his world. His determination and faith were tested up to the very last minute before his great discovery.Summary:Christopher Columbus believed that instead of sailing east on the path to find India that land could be reached in just weeks by sailing west! His voyages across the Atlantic Ocean began an effort at exploration and colonization of the Western Hemisphere. After securing the support of Queen Isabella of Spain, he finally set sail for the new world. After three weeks of sailing and no sight of land, his crew threatened mutiny. But at the moment when all seemed lost, land was discovered! The three ships used by Columbus in his 1492 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean were named the Pinta, Ni̱a, and Santa Maria. We first meet Christopher Columbus as an exuberant boy of Genoa, Italy who wants only one thing - an adventurous life at sea. As he grows into a young man, he becomes an expert sailor.

When King John offers a handsome reward for the captain who can find the fastest route to the treasures of India, Columbus realizes he has found his calling. Columbus is convinced that the most direct route to the Far East is by sailing due west around the globe - something that has never been done. Despite the ridicule and jokes about his idea, Columbus' determination keeps his dream alive. Many years later, in search of support for his voyage of discovery, Columbus is in the court of Queen Isabella of Spain. The Queen is intrigued by Columbus' determination, but Spain is at war. She can spare neither ships nor money for such an expedition. Queen Isabella asks her learned men, led by Talavera, to research Columbus plan. Talavera rejects the idea of sailing west, but the Queen believes in Columbus. When the war ends, she gives him a commission three ships, a crew of ninety and money to make his journey. On the voyage Columbus has two strong allies - the great captain Pinson, and a young boy Rodrigo. The trip begins well, but as the days stretch into weeks, the men turn mutinous. Rations run short, and the men are convinced they will perish. Pinson is able to get the crew to agree to three more days of sailing before they give up and turn back towards Spain. At the end of the three days, Christopher Columbus kneels in prayer, asking for help and guidance because he feels there is nothing more he can do. Suddenly, Rodrigo shouts out from high up in the crows' nest... Columbus has discovered a new world!

Back in Spain, Queen Isabella honors Columbus, naming him Admiral of the Ocean Seas. She says his name will live forever and because of him the world will never be the same .

Background: In our lives we face many obstacles. The story of Christopher Columbus reminds us that to reach our goals we need great courage. It is only with determination - sometimes lasting over years - that we can turn our dreams into realities. The character trait of determination is grounded in faith and belief values that begin with our relationship with God and extend into our daily life. Columbus will always be remembered for changing the old world and the new forever.

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Principles and Values Taught in This Video: Courage, Humility, Persistence, Faith, Leadership, and Optimism.