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"For some years I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ Wilbur WrightThe Wright Brothers, Orville (August 19, 1871-January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867-May 30, 1912), are credited with making the first controlled, powered human flight on December 17, 1903. Learn the thrilling story of these two brothers who risked everything‰ÛÓincluding their very lives‰ÛÓto become the first men to manage powered flight!Little-Known Facts: Neither Orville or Wilbur married Both brothers received high school educations but did not receive diplomas Their father traveled often as a bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ and one day brought home a toy "helicopter" for his two younger sons. Wilbur and Orville played with it until it broke, then built their own. In later years, they pointed to their experience with the toy as the initial spark of their interest in flying Main Characters:Orville and Wilbur Wright; their father, Bishop Milton Wright; Henri Farman; Santos-Dumont; Octave Chanute; Dan TateOverall Theme:Two bicycle repairmen embark on their dream to fly.åÊ With no formal training as either scientists or engineers, they study Lilienthal‰۪s diagrams for his glider and learn from experience the keys to controlled flight.Summary:These two American bicycle repairmen were often toldthat man was not meant to fly, but both Orville and Wilbur refused tobelieve the naysayers. Instead, they gained the mechanical skillsnecessary by working in their shop with printing presses, bicycles,motors, and other machinery. (Their work with bicycles in particularinfluenced their belief that a flying machine could, in fact, becontrolled and manipulated with practice).As young boys, Wilbur and Orville Wright are full of ideas, enthusiasm and dreams.åÊ Above their bicycle repair shop they discover how birds are able to balance by tilting their wings ‰ÛÒ wing warping.åÊ They want to make a glider to do the same thing, and their father encourages them. To make their dream a reality.After writing to the ‰ÛÏcenter of knowledge for flight‰۪‰۝ Octave Chanute, they learn the best place to glide is Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.åÊåÊ They tell Chanute about wing warping and make him promise not to tell anyone until they can perfect it.Their first attempts are unsuccessful, however, as they realize that Lilienthal‰۪s figures were incorrect.åÊåÊåÊ Wilbur and Orville begin experimenting with the figures.åÊ Meanwhile, others are beginning to take flight, but only in the beginning stages.Wilbur and Orville finally have a successful flight.åÊ All they need to do is add an engine.åÊ Chanute lets the wing-warping idea slip when he is challenged, but the Wright brothers are not worried ‰ÛÒ the rest of the world doesn‰۪t know how it works.After a 59 second flight, Wilbur and Orville accept the challenge of Santos-Durmont, the French flyer, to show the world they can fly in France.åÊ On August 8, 1908, the Wright brothers become the first in the world to demonstrate the power of controlled flight.Background:In a time when many scientists were tackling the question of flight, the Wright brothers were able to seize the opportunity to chase after their dream.åÊ Who would have thought that bicycle repairmen would possess the knowledge of aviation?åÊ Wilbur and Orville could have easily given up after several unsuccessful attempts; their determination kept them going.åÊ With Orville‰۪s ideas and Wilbur‰۪s judgments, they completed the project they had started.åÊ Through perseverance and accomplishment, the Wright brothers became historical figures in aviation. Testimonial:"The Wright Brothers (AnimatedHero Classics) video, This animated video shows how the brothers builttheir first airplane. Background piano music of the era complements thenarration. Actual film of the plane in flight is a delightful bonus."School Library Journal BONUS Resource & Activity BooksEach interactive DVD includes a 48-page Resource & Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special ‰ÛÏCertificate of Achievement‰۝ located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities.Principles and Values Taught in This Video Persistence, Work, Inventiveness, Faith, and Ambition