Spanish - World History 10 DVD Package

by CDI-Nest
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The World History DVD Package from the Hero Classics Series introduces concepts such as good citizenship, justice, patriotism, truth, courage, persistence, and equality. Help bring history to life for your student with these character-shaping products, while conforming to numerous state and national standards- making it must have for your homeschool or personal DVD library! Below is a brief description of the World History DVD Collection from NEST. The Maccabees The Maccabees family led their people with valor to win the war of religious freedom. Beethoven Witness Ludwig van Beethoven's struggle to overcome his hearing loss and creatively give the world music that stirs the soul. Marco Polo Marco Polo was an astonishing explorer with a vision that took him to India, China, and many other exotic lands far from Italy. Louis Pasteur With conviction, this great Frenchman discovered the cure for deadly diseases, after the death of his daughter. Florence Nightingale Caring for the poor and sick, a young English woman left a life of privilege for a life of service. Christopher Columbus A young man's determination leads to the discovery of a new world. Marie Curie Winner of two Nobel prizes, Marie Curie's love of science led to the discovery of plutonium and the isolation of radium. Joan of Arc With bold faith, Joan of Arc gained strength from the voices of angels and boldly fought for her nation's freedom. Leonardo Da Vinci The amazing breadth and depth of da Vinci's unique genius and character provide wonderful proof of the power of humility. Galileo Galileo was an extraordinary genius of astronomy that had the integrity to tell the truth he discovered about the universe.