Inventors 6 DVD Package

by CDI-Nest
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This DVD package of 6 historical inventors features men and women whose far reaching accomplishments are relevant even in our lives today. These 6 inventors pushed the boundaries of science and helped transform the world. Each one of these DVDs also includes a free downloadable activity book.

Thomas Edison Persistence, hard work, and sacrifice catapult Thomas Edison to become one of the world's greatest inventors.

Marie Curie Winner of two Nobel prizes, Marie Curie's love of science led to the discovery of plutonium and the isolation of radium.

Louis Pasteur With conviction, this great Frenchman discovered the cure for deadly diseases, after the death of his daughter.

Alexander Graham Bell This man of compassion taught the deaf and overcame failure to invent the telephone.

The Wright Brothers Perseverance was rewarded when two brothers launched the world into a new age of powered flight.

Benjamin Franklin Curiosity led to his remarkable achievements as a scientist, inventor, diplomat, and shaper of the Constitution.