Hero Classics 20 Resource Book Collection - Instant Download

by CDI - NEST Activity Books
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Excellent for developing a curriculum, each resource book will enhance the learning experience your child will enjoy. Coloring activities with word games, puzzles, and other games that teach your child to think creatively. They will enhance their ability to comprehend the messages from the Animated Hero Classicså¨ in their entirety. Photocopy ready pages provide an excellent tool for schools, daycares and home-schooled children that need curriculum. Certificates of Achievement in the back of the book serve as an excellent award your child can hang up with pride after completing the course. Titles included: -Abraham Lincoln -Alexander Graham Bell -Beethoven -Benjamin Franklin -Christopher Columbus -George Washington -Harriet Tubman -Helen Keller -Wright Brothers -William Bradford -Pocahontas -Joan of Arc -Maccabees -Marco Polo -Marie Curie -Louis Pasteur -Leonardo da Vinci -Florence Nightingale -Galileo -Thomas Edison