Animated Hero Classics Music Video DVDs - 2 Pack

by CDI-Nest
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These two DVDs feature some of the most inspirational and touching moments from The Animated Hero Classicså¨ library, these music DVDs are a must for every family's entertainment library. Beautiful musical scores and stunning animation make these stories more fun for the entire family. You'll watch and sing along with the songs that capture the drama and truths of the Hero Classics library as never before. Each song features highlighted lyrics to make sing-a-longs a treat for everyone! Songs include:Volume 1 *The Wind's Going My Way (From Christopher Columbus) *Four Hands (From William Bradford) *For Liberty (From George Washington) *When I Run Out of Sky (From Benjamin Franklin) *One Life For My Freedom (From Abraham Lincoln) *The Light Will Come (From Thomas Edison) Volume 2 *From My Heart and Through My Hand (From Florence Nightingale) *The Way of Love (From Pocahontas) *If You Believe (From Louis Pasteur) *Never Give Up (From Alexander Graham Bell) *Got To Be Free (From Harriet Tubman) *Can't Keep My Feet On The Ground (From The Wright Brothers) *The Longing of My Heart (From Maccabees)