American Inventors Interactive DVD Package-Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison

by CDI-Nest
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This 2 interactive DVD package feature two of America's greatest inventors: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.Most people credit Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706-April 17, 1790) with the invention of the lightning rod. But did you know that he also invented bifocals, a simple odometer, and an iron furnace stove? Now, through this 30-minute animated educational video, you can join the remarkable scientist, inventor and statesman as he rewrites human history with passion and inquisitiveness.åÊ Celebrate creativity and dedication by teaching your students about Benjamin Franklin and how he found ways to make everyday resources work better!Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847-October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman. Nicknamed ‰ÛÏThe Wizard of Menlo Park‰۝ by a newspaper reporter, Edison is credited with creating both the first industrial research lab and the electric light bulb. The research lab was the first institution set up with the purpose of producing constant innovation and technological improvement. But he didn‰۪t stop there! Edison is considered to be one of the most innovative inventors in history, holding 1,097 US patents in his name.Each Interactive DVD features: Optional English and Spanish subtitles and audio dialogA 3-level Adventure Quiz Integrated movie clipsStory summaries A ‰ÛÏPrinciples Guide for Parents & Teachers‰۝ Premiumwebsite access to a fun-filled Kids' Zone--packed with teachingresources for educators, parents, and caregivers! Excellent for developing home school curriculum and a great teachingresource for the month of January.åÊ (Benjamin Franklin‰۪s birthday isJanuary 17 and Thomas Edison patented the Electric Light on January 27).Bonus Offer with purchase - Free Instant Download of the Interactive Activity and Coloring books.