Alexander Graham Bell Plus Helen Keller 2 Pack

by CDI-Nest
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Two examples of character every child shouldsee! Includes FREE resource & activity books!Alexander Graham Bell DVDThis great American scientist is a man ofcompassion who teaches the deaf and overcomes failure to invent thetelephone. The perfect way to teach kids compassion and the power ofpersistence. Helen Keller DVDWith the help of a patient teacher, HelenKeller is successful in overcoming obstacles of deafness and blindness andlearns to communicate. This great American heroine is an extraordinaryrole model for any child!PLUS, FREE BONUS RESOURCE& ACTIVITYBOOKS!One for each DVD! Your children will love coloringpages, solving puzzles, matching ideas, completing word searches, and muchmore! Each book also features challenging questions and activities. And in the rare case you don't know an answer, there's an answer key in theback! An excellent tool to support the important stories and principlespresented in the NestFamily DVDs.