Vegetable Sensory Stones

by Yellow Door Us Llc
These sturdy vegetable stones offer the perfect ingredients for creative cookery in the mud kitchen, or for inspired role play (indoors or out)! Boiled, roasted, fried or steamed, the vegetables can be used to make all sorts of dishes: soups, stews, salads or stir fries. As sliced vegetables, children can see how the beautiful sculptures compare to the real thing. Set includes eight vegetables: tomato, pak choi, onion, peas, carrot, mushroom, cucumber and broccoli. Measures 2-3". Ages 2 years and up.

Key Features :

8 durable vegetable stones perfect for the mud kitchenPromotes inspired role play, indoors or outChildren may compare these vegetable to the real thingSafe for children aged 2 years and up