LIFEPAC Home School Resources Parent Starter Kit

by AOP
SKU: AS9920

New to the LIFEPAC curriculum? Want to get a head start on teaching it correctly? Then get the LIFEPAC Parent Starter Kit from Alpha Omega Publications! This helpful kit comes with A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management, a LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence, and an actual LIFEPAC unit worktext sample! A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC Management is an invaluable soft-cover guide filled with helpful information to assist parents with the day-to-day procedure of using the LIFEPAC curriculum. Divided into three sections, this guide, made for beginners and experienced teachers alike, offers a complete overview of the LIFEPAC curriculum, information on grades and subjects, and a What to Know About section packed with valuable, in-depth tips and advice on homeschooling. Sounds great doesn't it? But wait, there's more to this handy kit! Also included is a LIFEPAC Scope & Sequence. This informative, soft-cover booklet contains a clear overview of all topics studied in the LIFEPAC core curriculum subjects. This booklet is divided into separate sections for each LIFEPAC subject: Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Within each subject section are listed individual grades K-12 and the units with corresponding topics outlined in a clear, easy-to-follow column format. And to help you easily understand the LIFEPAC curriculum layout, a sample LIFEPAC unit worktext is also added to this must-have kit. Specifically designed for parents who are new to the LIFEPAC curriculum, the Parent Starter Kit will help you get your home education started off on the right foot. You'll avoid confusion by having a better understanding of how to set up your homeschool and properly manage the LIFEPAC curriculum. The Parent Starter Kit contains:• A Parent's Guide to Mastering LIFEPAC• a curriculum scope and sequence• a sample LIFEPAC. How perfect is that? Now you'll be able to conveniently see actual LIFEPAC lessons, question formats, illustrations, and Christian-based content! So why are you waiting? If you're looking for the perfect teaching resource to help you get started with the LIFEPAC curriculum, the LIFEPAC Parent Starter Kit is it! Order today!Need a payment plan? Call us at 1-800-634-4298!