Audio CD-David: Seeking A Heart Like His (10 CD)

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David: Seeking a Heart Like His - Audio CDs by Beth Moore contain the audio portion from the teaching segments of this compelling women\'s Bible study of David.

God will never give up on you. Explore how David\'s life proves this promise to be true in this updated edition of the best selling A Heart Like His: Seeking the Heart of God Through a Study of David. In this examination of the “man after God\'s own heart,” David will delight and disappoint you. You\'ll want to be just like him at times and nothing like him at others. If you\'ve ever experienced doubts, temptations, losses, family problems, or personal inconsistencies, this study is for you!

First released in 1996, this updated Bible study features all new video sessions and updated Member Book content to speak to today’s women.

While other Bible studies about King David exist in the market place, no other women’s author teaches the Bible “the Beth Moore way.” Regardless of the topic, Beth Moore Fans will not want to miss this updated study about seeking a heart like David!

Sessions: 11 video sessions with 10 weeks of print study

Week 1: Summoned from the Sheepfold
Week 2: Sowing the Seeds of Jealousy
Week 3: Survival Skills and He Who Wills
Week 4: Tragic Ends and Faithful Friends
Week 5: The Long-Awaited Throne
Week 6: A Man After God’s Own Heart
Week 7: The Wages of Sin
Week 8: The Unrelenting Sword
Week 9: Back Where He Belonged
Week 10: The Final Years and Settled Fears