Apple A Day

by Anchor
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Enjoy bite-sized teachings and testimonies from the Bethel Church leadership team that show believers how to pursue and enjoy wholeness in every area of their lives. Receive dynamic insight on experiencing divine health in your:Emotions: ÒJoy is the medicine from heaven provided to help us live full and well livesÓ (Kevin Dedmon) Creativity: ÒIf we are created in GodÕs image, we have the ability to bring life and beauty all around usÓ (Theresa Dedmon) Inner Health: ÒThe lies we believe about ourselves plague our bodies, souls, and spirits.Ó (Dawna DeSilva) Finances: ÒGod is looking for a people He can trust with powerÉ money is power.Ó (Stephen DeSilva) Family: ÒTreat everyone who comes into your life just like you would treat family.Ó (Matthew DiMarco) Physical: ÒI long to see the day when people learn to walk in divine health and there is no one left to heal. Divine health is more important than divine healing.Ó (Chris Gore) Intellectual: ÒGod delights in your intellect. He created it, organized it, and gave it all the potential in the universe.Ó (Chelsea Moore) Childlikeness: ÒThere is another side to all of us: the kid inside, the silly, fun, innocent, whimsical little guy or gal we didnÕt just use to be but, if we are honest, still areÑjust in a taller package.Ó (Pam Spinosi) Receiving GodÕs Love: ÒI want to find a way to maintain the ÔHoneymoon PeriodÕ in our lives with God and with each other.Ó (Deborah Stevens) Relationships: ÒIt is so important in relationships that we focus on the good in others and not the bad.Ó (Leslie Taylor)