School Of The Seers (Expanded)

by Anchor
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More insight-more depth! Three new chapters and a small group study guide round out this expanded edition of an already comprehensive guide on how to see into the unseen realm! The School of the Seers is the how-to guide for seeing into the spirit realm. With the addition of three new chapters, including a small group study guide, this bestselling book is sure to excite readers worldwide. As a teacher and seer himself, author Jonathan Welton raises the standard for walking in wisdom, character, and power. Carrying a revelatory forerunner anointing, he imparts fresh new understanding and Kingdom perspectives for every believer. You can activate the seer gift in your life knowing the vital keys from Scripture to: *See with your spiritual eyes *Recognize what may be hindering your discernment *Access divine secrets *Steward heavenly revelation *Truly worship in Spirit and Truth *Understand meditation, impartation, and so much more The School of the Seers Expanded Edition demystifies a mystical subject-giving you the keys to an exciting lifetime of spiritual, Jesus-centered enlightenment!