Pulling Down Strongholds

by Anchor
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You Are in a War, Whether You Know It or NotMost Christians would have no hesitancy in affirming the concept that God has a kingdom, with its angelic hosts. Unfortunately, many Christians are unaware that Satan also has a kingdom, represented by a host of demons. With earth as the battlefield, these two kingdoms wage war with one another for our minds and souls.As Christians, we need to understand the nature of this war and how Satan's kingdom operates. Legendary author and Bible teacher Derek Prince examines the concept of spiritual warfare as an unmistakable aspect of Christian living. Thanks to this crucial teaching, you will...Discover why spiritual warfare existsUnderstand how Satan's kingdom operatesLearn the six weapons of spiritual warfareImplement strategies that will bind Satan's schemesTap into the overcoming power of the Holy SpiritSatan has already declared war on God's kingdom. As citizens of God's kingdom, we have no choice; we are already at war. Therefore, it is vital that we be prepared in order to overcome the enemy's plans, push back the darkness, and proclaim victory for our God!