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"Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He gave thanks and broke them. Then He gave them to the disciples to set before the people. They all ate and were satisfied. . ."‰ÛÒ Luke 9:16,17a (NIV)What kind of bread satisfies one‰۪s hunger forever?This delightful retelling of the feeding ofthe 5,000 will captivate viewers with its brisk storytelling, originalsongs and entertaining action, even as it challenges them to considerafresh the One who is the Bread of Life.Main Characters:Jonas (a street urchin), Jesus, Peter, the disciplesScripture:Isaiah 49:10; John 6:5-15, 17-69, 7:16-17, 12:49-50; Luke 9:11-17; Mark 6:33-51, 9:23; Mathew 14:15-23 Overall Theme:Witness one of Jesus‰۪ greatest miracles‰ÛÓfeeding the 5,000 people.Summary:Jonas, a street urchin, is desperate for bread. When he finds some, knife-wielding thugs try to steal it but he temporarily escapes them. An old beggar then asks Jonas to share his bread with a ‰ÛÏhungry soul.‰۝ Jonas responds by saying ‰ÛÏThere‰۪s not enough.‰۝ The street thugs show up again and take some of Jonas‰۪ bread from him. Jonas‰۪ is despondent and frustrated with his hunger.Meanwhile, the local town bakers stay up all night to make fresh bread for the next day‰۪s market. In the morning, Jonas asks for a loaf of bread from one of the bread merchants but is turned away. He feigns illness and the merchant willingly gives him some bread. Then an old woman announces that Jesus, the miracle worker, is nearby. While skeptical, Jonas decides to see this man himself.Jesus, Peter, and the rest of the disciples are on a boat and see the masses on the shore. Peter asks whether they should set back out to sea but Jesus instructs him to go to them. On shore, Jesus begins healing the sick who have come to see Him.As the day will soon be ending, Peter and the disciples ask Jesus if He would like to send the people away to get food and shelter. Jesus instructs them to feed the people. They are overwhelmed given that there are over 5,000 people. Jesus tells them to go and see how much food there is among the people. Then, Jonas offers up his five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus blesses the food. The disciples are amazed and fill their baskets to begin feeding the people and discover they have much left over. Jesus retreats in solitude to pray.As night descends, the disciples get on their boat and are soon caught up in a terrible storm. Frightened, they are amazed to see Jesus walking on water toward them and He implores them to ‰ÛÏbe not afraid.‰۝ When they arrive back on land, the people ask for more bread at which time Jesus explains that He is the bread of life.‰۝Jonas is convinced that the bread Jesus offers will satisfy one‰۪s hunger forever. This delightful story of the feeding of the 5,000 challenges us to consider afresh the one who is the Bread of Life.åÊBackground:Although Jesus attempted to withdraw to a solitary place, He was now too popular to escape notice. This story teaches us about God's caring provision for His people.The disciples were right to be concerned about the people's hunger but intended to solve the problem in a purely natural way. It would have been nearly impossible for roughly five thousand people to fend for themselves in the countryside. Few towns were nearby and towns were generally small. Further, most of the day's bread would be consumed by evening.Jesus gives thanks for the five loaves and two fish ‰ۥ confident that He represents God's will. The leftovers stress the lavish abundance of God's miraculous power in Christ; many people in biblical times felt that a good host should provide enough food that some would always be left over.The disciples saw the size of the need and the littleness of the human resources available; Jesus saw the size of the need and the greatness of God's resources available. Often God calls us to do tasks for him that are technically impossible ‰ۥ barring a miracle.Find out in this 30-minute, animated Bible video from NEST that retells the story of the feeding of the 5,000. Using original songs, Bread From Heavenbrings to life one of the most compelling Bible stories. Your childrenand grandchildren will learn that the bread Jesus offers will satisfyone‰۪s hunger forever. This delightful story challenges both young andold to consider the One who is the Bread of Life.Resource & Activity BooksEach interactive DVD includes a 64-page Resource & Activity Book full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! Provides hours of fun and learning for the entire family! The special "Certificate of Achievement" located in the back of the book serves as an excellent award your child can display after completing the activities.DVD Chapter Index:Not Enough to Share Bread for a Clever Beggar Miracles Through Faith Miracles for the Multitude Only Five Loaves and Two Fish We'll Never Work Again! Be Not Afraid The Living Bread A Changed Heart Closing CreditsPrinciples and Values Taught in This VideoEternal Life, Faith, Compassion, and Prayer