Your Best Destiny

by Anchor
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When you imagine what it would take for your life to be truly great?for you to become your best, most fulfilled self?do you dream of something more than what you have now? More money . . . more attention . . . more significance? What you may be missing is the one thing that actually gives your life ultimate value, meaning, and purpose.Find it in The Best Me I Can Be through a highly insightful personal assessment tool that will tell you which of the eight keys God has placed deep within you to unlock your true character and reveal who you were born to become.In this rich and encouraging book, Wintley Phipps?pastor, recording artist, and founder of the U.S. Dream Academy supported by Oprah Winfrey?shares what he has learned (sometimes the hard way) about what it takes to become ?the best me I can be.? Join him as he leads you on a path to change your focus from what you have and do to who you are. Start today on the path to a truly great life, and step into your God-given destiny. (Includes a FREE online assessment tool to reveal your personal strengths and areas for growth.)