You Gave Me A Wide Place

by Anchor
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What are the places that have had a significant impact on your life? Have you ever had a place where you felt deeply moved, unexpectedly inspired, or profoundly comforted? Where has God spoken to you? Where does God continue to speak to you?It is no mystery that God speaks to each of us in different stages in our journey. What is interesting is how God?s mystery is unveiled to each of us; infusing God?s presence in circumstances that cause a place to become widened into a sacred location. Places become both parables and memories of happiness, strength, grace, and peace ? places where God moves each of us in ways we could not have moved on our own.Paul Stroble offers detailed descriptions of those places in his live from the grandiose to the miniscule that have been deeply and powerfully filled with God?s presence. Stroble intertwines the places of the Psalms with the sacred places of Hagar, Jacob, Paul, Christ and other biblical figures. He invites readers to participate in exercises that help them identify their own wide spaces. This text will enrich individual lives. Small groups can further explore experiences and themes generated from the text.