Xtremely Wild: Marine Mammals

by Cerebellum
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Enjoy some of your favorite marine mammals with this exciting Xtremely Wild pack!Xtremely Wild: The Oil Spill Disaster and the Otters: Xtremely Wild heads back to the site of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Otters seem to be thriving years after one of the world's worst environmental disasters. But a closer look reveals the oil is still here, and the otters, generations later, are still carrying the scars of that day. Xtremely Wild: Baby Seal Rescue: Every year they are abandoned by their moms. No one really knows why. The seal pups would face certain death if it wasn't for seal rescue. Xtremely Wild rolls up their sleeves and plunges in to help keep more than 50 seals. From beach babies to burly toddlers we take the seals back to where they came from, but will they make it? Xtremely Wild: the Stellar Sea Lion Mystery: Stellar sea lions are massive, lumbering, and not very welcoming when we show up on their isolated rocks in the middle of the ocean. But the Stellars are in trouble. In Alaska they are vanishing, and no one knows why. Join us as we get a front row seat and get asked to help unravel the stellar mystery.

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