Xtremely Wild: Big Beautiful Bears

by Cerebellum
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Big Beautiful Bears is a collection of three DVD's that take you on the wild adventures of bears! 

Xtremely Wild: Grizzly Bears takes you through the world of a bear in the Rocky Mountains. Things get wild when some bears raid the local campsites! Follow Mark as he interacts with the bears to teach them a lesson.

Xtremely Wild: Bears in the Wild shows you the winter home of a bears on the shores of the Great Lakes. Join Mark as he takes you through the world of a hibernating bear! 

Xtremely Wild: Polar Bears on the Run welcomes you to the freezing world of the polar bear! This DVD takes you on a wild ride through the world of a polar bear in the most frigid of temperatures. Also on this wild DVD you will get to see what happens when a polar bear enters the town of North Vancouver, Canada and how local police are always on bear911!

Includes SKUs: GH4266, GH4260, & GH4262