When Things Seem Scary: Fears and Anxiety

by Cerebellum
SKU: C1004061

This program shows youngsters the difference between healthy fear that helps them avoid dangerous situations and unhealthy fear that can cause them to overreact to situations. Demonstrates practical strategies kids can use to cope with fear and anxiety. How to Handle Fear: Amy is afraid of dogs, but won‰۪t admit it. When her friend Rachel gets a puppy, Amy refuses her play at her house. Amy takes the first step to handling her fear when she admits to her mother why she is avoiding Rachel. Her mother helps her understand the cause of her fear by reminiscing about the time a dog growled at her. With the promise that her mom will protect her, they go to visit with the dog. What is Anxiety?: About to start at a new school, Michael can‰۪t sleep. He‰۪s afraid that his first day will be a disaster, that he‰۪ll say or do something so stupid that no one will want to be his friend. With his father‰۪s help, Michael learns that the feeling he has is anxiety. His father shows him that replacing his negative worries with positive thoughts can help. Coping with Fear: Carey watches the nightly news and is overwhelmed with fears of things over which she has no control: fires, tornadoes, her mother having an accident. Her sister helps Carey see that there are protections in place to keep her as safe as possible. She encourages Carey to control what she thinks about and to spend time doing things she likes.