What The Bible Says To The Minister/Handbook

by Anchor
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You as God\'s minister are today dealing with awesome pressures and expectations from every side. Hurting people constantly bring you their needs and questions, expecting you as God\'s servant to solve and resolve them all.

So where do you, God\'s dearly beloved, find your solace and source of strength and answers?

God\'s voice for you when you most need It!

In these 426 pages, you will find God speaking directly to you from 400 old and new testament verses. Each chapter answers questions including….
*Your call—Your purpose—Your aim and goal
*Your commission—Your message—Your preaching
*Your duty toward false teaching and wrong doctrine
*Your daily walk, personal life, and behavior
*Your relations to family, critics, unbelievers
*Your attitude toward suffering, death and reward
Many Bible schools, colleges and seminaries now use this great handbook in course work and/or required reading. The Minister\'s Handbook is an excellent an award/presentation book, especially for graduates.