What Now Discovery Guide

by Anchor
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Infinite possibilities. Twelve weeks. One life discovered. The journey begins. It’s a winding road replete with twists and turns and unexpected detours—but hey, making sense of who you are and where you’re going could never be that easy! Across the skies of your life is written something bold and very true: you’re a human being. You aren’t perfect and you can’t be easily labeled. The intricacies of your life can only be described as wonderfully complex and created with infinite possibilities. That’s the good news. It’s possible, though, to make perfect sense of it all. That’s the challenge. Why use this guide? Whether you’re leading a small group or involved in an intern program, campus ministry, church equipping program, Sunday school or you simply yearn for personal understanding, this twelve-week Discovery Guide will help you put the pieces together so you can tackle life as a 21st Century Christian. Softcover, 6\ X 9\, 104 pages