What I Like About Me: Building Self-Esteem

by Cerebellum
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Mort, a puppet, and his good friend Sam help youngsters better understand that each person is special in his or her own way. I Like Me! Suzy hates the fact that she is the only one of her friends who wears glasses. When her teacher asks everyone to draw a self-portrait, Suzy draws herself without her glasses. Suzy is surprised when her friend Aaron says that he likes her better with her glasses on. Suzy learns to appreciate and be proud of what makes her special. Proud of Your Own Abilities: Sally wishes she could play piano as well as Max, but despite trying, she simply can‰۪t get it. Her brother points out that you can‰۪t be good at everything, and that Sally is already a good dancer. Sally‰۪s success at the recital helps her realize that she should be proud of the abilities she has. Pride in Your Accomplishments: All of Billy‰۪s friends know how to ride their bikes without training wheels. Billy decides the time has come for him to learn too. His perseverance and positive outlook make it possible for him to meet his goal and learn to ride. Proud to Be Me! Trent makes it a point of helping Joe, the new boy in class. Trent is excited because he is making a new friend and feels good about himself for helping Joe. His teacher thanks him for being so considerate and points out that he has every right to feel proud of himself. Includes 10 reproducible student worksheets on CD.