Wesley Spring 2019: Middle School Teacher's Guide (#3060)

by Anchor
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The Wesley Middle School Teacher\'s Guide contains 13 lessons, activities, and tips for understanding students in 6th to 8th Grade. Every week also has a teacher devotional, Bible backgrounds information and outlines on how to use the Creative Teacher Aide and The Rock student booklet. Order one per teacher.
Easy four-step lesson plan:

Connecting with God\'s Word: an intro step to get kids engaged with the topic of the week.
Studying God\'s Word: the Bible study step where kids will read the week\'s Bible passage, answer questions, and discuss.
Interacting with God\'s Word: the teacher has three choices for activities that will help kids explore the Bible lesson in-class.
Applying God\'s Word: application step to help kids take ownership of putting into practice that week\'s Bible principle.