Venture Academy Lecture Series: Volume Four Operations

by CDI - Commissioned Films

This DVD includes four lectures explaining the critical processes and principles of operating a company. The technology lecture covers eleven key processes from requirements analysis to design and from implementation to modification, and includes important principles such as technology leverage, tools, talent, methodology, delivery and adoption rates. The operations lectures cover critical processes including product and service development, manufacture management and supply chain management, and much more. The service management lecture covers processes such as service philosophy management, service delivery system management and service recovery management, as well as five important principles including service profit chain, service guarantees and customer loyalty programs. Rigorous in its academic excellence, and invigorating in its Christian worldview, the Venture Academy Lecture Series is an extraordinary tool for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Each DVD includes downloadable PDFs of each lecture‰۪s Powerpoint presentation for more in-depth study.