Unit Conversion Tutor:The Metric System and SI Units

by TMW
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The Unit Conversion series teaches the techniques of the most common unit conversions by fully worked example problems. The strategy associated with unit conversions is emphasized so that students will be comfortable applying any conversion factor necessary to solve the problem. When working in science and engineering, the use of the metric system and the SI system of units is critical. This section teaches all of the prefixes in the metric system such as ‰ÛÏmilli-‰ÛÏ, ‰ÛÏmicro-‰ÛÏ, ‰ÛÏkilo-‰ÛÏ, etc, and proceeds to use these in numerous example problems. At the end of the section students will be very comfortable with the metric system and the SI system of units. Teachers User Instruction & Resource Guide - Includes Recommended books & Unit Conversion Websites.