Truth And Deception (Bible And Your Work Study/Theology Of Work Project)

by Anchor
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Virtually everyone knows that the people of God are supposed to tell the truth. Even though we recognize there are exceptions--protecting the innocent, guarding national security, and a few others--we remember how Jesus described himself as \ he way and the truth and the life\ (John 14:6), and we understand that truth is the way of life God calls us to.

But our commitment to truth is often stretched thin in the workplace. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to succeed at work by telling only the truth. Sometimes it even seems that the workplace is a different realm from the world Jesus inhabited, and that truth is actually out of place at work. In this study, we will emphasize why truth-telling is important, both for the believer and for the culture at large.

Includes space for note-taking.

These Bible studies are part of The Bible and Your Work Study Series. Each book contains Scripture references, thought-provoking questions, and prayers to help you explore what the Bible says about work and apply it to your life in positive, practical ways. The lessons in each chapter are designed for thirty-minute lunch breaks, although they can be used in other formats as well.