Toy-Throw & Tell Ball (Preschool)

by Anchor
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t\'s fun. It\'s super-easy. It\'s bouncy. And it\'s GUARANTEED to get your preschoolers to open up and interact! This new Throw & Tell ball is the top teacher\'s tool to get preschoolers talking. With 24 age-appropriate picture prompts, children simply roll or toss the ball to each other then are prompted to discuss whatever picture the child\'s hand falls on. It\'s perfect for play, connecting kids, and filling extra time. The Preschool Throw & Tell Ball gives you: *An inexpensive, no-prep, flexible time filler. *An easy way to get to know your children better. *An effective way to get even the youngest kids talking about Jesus. *A safe way for kids to have fun and share what\'s on their hearts. *You\'ll want one for each preschool classroom! For Ages 3+