Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition

by Anchor
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If you will live like no one else, later you can?live?like no one else.Build up your money muscles with America?s favorite finance coach.Okay, folks, do you want to turn those fat and flabby expenses into a well-toned budget? Do you want to transform your sad and skinny little bank account into a bulked-up cash machine? Then get with the program, people. There?s one sure way to whip your finances into shape, and that?s with?The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition.By now, you?ve heard all the nutty get-rich-quick schemes, the fiscal diet fads that leave you with a lot of kooky ideas but not a penny in your pocket. Hey, if you?re tired of the lies and sick of the false promises, take a look at this?it?s the simplest, most straightforward game plan for completely making over your money habits. And it?s based on results, not pie-in-the-sky fantasies. With?The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition,?you?ll be?able to:?Design a sure-fire plan for paying off all debt?meaning cars, houses, everythingRecognize the 10 most dangerous money myths (these will kill you)Secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement!