Time Breaker

by Looney Labs
The Time Breaker is running amok in time, jumping from one tile to another, each representing a different year. In this fast-paced card game, you must carefully navigate the time-stream to find and arrest the Time Breaker. Then, return with them to Time Repair HQ before your opponents catch up or the Time Breaker slips away. Good luck, Agents! For 2-5 players, ages 8 and up. Game Play You work in the security division of the Time Repair Agency (TRA). As you know, changing history is a crime, so our job is to apprehend the Time Breaker currently at large. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good description of the perp, so we’re using a cube to represent them. The sooner we can capture this Time Breaker, the less damage they’ll be able to do to the Time-Space Continuum. Therefore, whoever brings in this dangerous criminal will earn a bonus and maybe even get a promotion. Quick everybody, into your Time Machines!

Key Features :

Twenty-four points in time cover pre-history to possible future achievements.Focuses on positive events and achievements throughout history--humankind's shining moments.Tiles are placed randomly, creating a unique board every time you play.As an additional activity, we recommend having students attempt to place tiles in a line with equal spacing and realize how short human existence is in relation to all of prehistory!