Thistle Hill

by Anchor
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Thistle Hill is the story of David MacDonald, who is trying to make sense of life. Up until now, his life has responded appropriately to his efforts—he owns a successful business, has a good family life, lives in a beautiful house, and drives a new BMW 750Li and a 1998 Porsche Boxster—but still he yearns for some satisfaction that he hasn’t yet been able to achieve or even identify. Little does he know that his life is about to whirl out of control and become a nightmare that he can’t wake up from. Never would he have believed that his life would intersect with a serial killer, a young woman wanting to break up his marriage, and a minister who would become his best friend. Join David on his journey through life’s surprises and glean what you can to better prepare yourself for your own journey. Investigate the questions that over time have been asked by many people. What’s the point to this rat race we live in? Where are we all rushing to? Can we find security in money, success, government, science, or religion? Thistle Hill can be read for pure entertainment, but it also offers the opportunity to think more deeply on various subjects, either individually or in a book club or small group setting. The author has conveniently listed topic points by chapter at the end of the book to encourage group discussion.