The Ultimate Power of Prayer - Learn how to Heal, Forgive & Find the Spiritual Guidance to Surrender to Christ

by TMW
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This program helps families incorporate Christian values into their daily lives. It reinforces traditional values and gives guidance on how to approach life‰۪s challenges and the tools needed to deal with them. Each program provides support for families through a Christian perspective along with practical advice on every aspect of living as a Christian in today‰۪s World. Healing - The Power of Prayer - Dramatic accounts of sudden, seemingly inexplicable healing have sparked popular and even scientific interest in the power of prayer. God's Word tells us to pray unceasingly and that miracles do happen. But the ultimate power of prayer is that it gives us the peace to accept God's will for our lives - whatever it might be. / Jesus: The Wounded Healer - Spiritual Guidance on How to Improve Your Physical & Emotional Health & Well Being - Many people talk about the connection between faith and physical or emotional health. Jesus himself experienced much suffering in life. How can He help the sick and brokenhearted? What does Jesus offer those who are strong and confident? This program helps provide the daily wisdom and spiritual guidance to surrender to Christ along a path of private discovery and the daily nourishment of the Christian community. / Healing - The Fruits of Forgiveness Resolving Feelings of Anger & Bitterness - Many of us, including people of faith, wrestle for years with unresolved feelings of anger and bitterness. It can be extremely difficult to forgive others for hurtful remarks and actions. But the fruits of forgiveness are peace, joy and a deeper understanding of how much our infinitely forgiving God loves us.