The Truth About Inhalants

by Cerebellum
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Gives viewers the facts about inhalants, the fumes or vapors found in common household products. Shows how breathing them in, purposely or accidentally, can quickly damage body organs and even cause death. Interweaving real-life vignettes and graphics on inhalants' dangers with tips on their safe use, offers a powerful indictment of inhalant abuse.Kevin's brother finds him dizzy from spray painting his science project in an unventilated room. Products containing inhalants can be useful, the young hosts explain, but can cause serious trouble if not used correctly. Moreover, people who inhale fumes or vapors to get high may damage their body organs and brain, and may even end up near death, as another vignette demonstrates.What can you do about the growing problem of inhalants? the hosts ask viewers. Don't use them to get high and tell your friends not to. If you're already sniffing, stop right now, and be sure to have a doctor check you. And remember, whenever you use products containing inhalants, use them carefully, in plenty of fresh air.