The Swan Princess Soundtrack- Audio Download

by Nest nonCDI
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Music From the Motion Picture- 16 Audio Downloads.åÊ Includes "Far Longer Than Forever," nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.Song List:1. Prologue (3:03)2. This is My Idea (6:08)3. Rothbart Attacks King William (1:31)4. Practice, Practice, Practice (2:22)5. The Enchanted Castle (2:12)6. Far Longer Than Forever (2:24)7. Jean-Bob‰۪s Theme (1:01)8. No Fear (3:35)9. It‰۪s Not What It Seems (1:45)10. Derek Finds Odette (1:44)11. No More Mr. Nice Guy (2:37)12. Princesses On Parade (4:04)13. Gator-Aid (2:48)14. Odette Flies/Derek Gallops (1:40)15. End Credits (1:31)16. Eternity (3:28)