The Secrets to a Lasting Marriage - How to Create a Marriage that will last a Lifetime

by TMW
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This program helps couples incorporate Christian values into their daily lives. It reinforces traditional values and gives guidance on how to approach life‰۪s challenges and the tools needed to deal with them. Each program provides support for couples through a Christian perspective along with practical advice on every aspect of living as a Christian in today‰۪s World. Before You Say "I Do" - Getting Ready for Marriage - When engaged couples plan their marriage ceremony, handling countless planning is part of the process. However a beautiful wedding can't guarantee a successful marriage. How can today's couples feel confident they're actually ready for a lifelong commitment of love and fidelity? This program gives couples advice and direction from both a personal and professional point of view. It offers insight into each partners expectations and Christian based values to help prepare for a lifelong union. / The Secrets to a Lasting Marriage - Statistics paint a bleak picture of modern marriages. Far too many of them end in divorce. Couples suffer, impacting their emotional health and happiness and that of their children. Is it possible to meet, fall in love, exchange vows and actually stay married for life? Yes! In this program real-life couples share their own secrets of lasting unions and marriage counselors offer helpful insights and guidance to help couples work through the challenges of marriage and have a lifelong union. / How to Build a Strong Marriage for Life - Through ‰ÛÏThick & Thin‰۝ - One out of every two marriages can end in divorce. Building a strong Christian marriage that is full of love and respect is possible through hard work and personal commitment. So how do two people keep their marriage together? In this program we hear from married couples who have stayed together through "thick and thin" and still have a loving, fulfilling marriage. It offers excellent advice, tips and suggestions couples can begin implementing into their relationships to help build healthier marriages. / Healing a Broken Marriage - When Trust is Broken - When confronted with the pain of infidelity, chronic conflict and other severe challenges to a marriage, some couples simply give up and go their separate ways. However there are ways to heal a broken marriage. Faith and forgiveness are key. In this program couples who have "reconnected" and found ways to heal their marriages, reveal their personal struggles and talk openly about their spiritual journey and how they were able to save their marriage through forgiveness and faith.