The Pink Toolbelt

by Anchor
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At a time when Mary Dodd''s life was careening out of control, God gave her an epiphany: Be a true disciple of Christ. Too simple to bring about much change? Mary was desperate enough to try it. She began to apply that simple principle in every area of life, every day of her life, and her life began to transform. Making that change required a set of tools. Not the physical hammer and tape measure she was used to, but figurative and spiritual tools that Mary used to bring her life more in line with Christ''s teachings.In The Pink Toolbelt, Mary describes those tools so that other women can use them too. A few of these tools include: The spiritual safety harness Spiritual safety goggles The beatitude building blocks And many more In 70 daily readings, Mary Dodd guides readers through not a construction project, but a remodeling project: Remaking their lives to more closely match the life Jesus Christ taught us to live.