The Necklace

by Anchor
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Ten-year-old Vanessa has learned a shocking truth: she was adopted. Her biological mother died in childbirth and her biological father lives in a faraway city. Her real father gave a special necklace to her as a present before she was born. Longing to find him, she sneaks away from her village in the middle of the night. Along the way Vanessa meets many new friends, including a young girl in a neighbouring village, a flying tiger named Acara, and a bubbly teenager named Brianna who offers her a warm welcome to the country of Adhiren. It is in this country that she finds her father, who serves in King Aric’s army. After meeting the king for herself, she decides to join up and fight for his cause: to protect Adhiren from the evil king Malik. At first Vanessa’s life in Adhiren is peaceful, but whispers of impending war soon spread. As her life in the king’s service grows more difficult she is faced with the chance to save many lives, including the villagers she grew up with, and introduce them to a better way of life.