The History Of Evangelism In North America (Jul)

by Anchor
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Encounter North American evangelism from the Great Awakening to the present dayA History of Evangelism in North America guides readers on a tour through circuit riders and tent meetings to campus evangelism and online ministries. Academic research combines with gospel faithfulness and love for the lost in this historical survey. Encountering these prominent evangelism movements will inspire innovation and courage in the call to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.Few Christians recognize the historical backgrounds of various evangelistic ministries, their theological traditions, or their guiding principles. A History of Evangelism in North America explores evangelism methodologies and legacies from the early 1700s to today. Experts deliver current scholarship on twenty-two evangelists and ministries, including the following:John Wesley and itinerant preachersThe camp meeting movementThe American Bible Society and Bible distribution evangelismThe Navigators and personal discipleshipBilly Graham and crusade evangelismCampus ministriesThe Jesus Movement21st-century evangelistic approache