The Dream-Centered Life (Aug)

by Anchor
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Wake Up to Bigger Dreams! Have you stopped pursuing the life of your dreams? Did someone or something steal the passions that made your heart beat fast? It's possible--for the first time or once again--to become that wide-eyed, visionary dream-chaser! It starts by realizing that God has specific, amazing plans for you. Once you discover what drives you at the deepest level, you'll overcome any barrier that stands between you and your new reality. The Dream-Centered Life isn't about wishful thinking. It offers practical ways to be an effective dreamer, no matter where your starting point. Through personal experiences and fresh insights from world-class dreamers, Luke Barnett discusses these and other topics: - Where Do Dreams Begin - Characteristics of a Dreamer - Habits of Dreamers - Dream Lifters - Dream-Busters - Dreaming with Confidence Are you ready to discover--and live--your God-sized dream?