The Bible By Jesus

by Anchor
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This is a paraphrase of the scriptures, based on the Gospels, that is different than anything youÕve ever read before. I am the narrator and you are walking in My footsteps as I tell you the story of My birth, ministry, death, and resurrection.This book is written to show different aspects from My life on earth. You will learn about My sermons, My miracles, and how I showed love to people. You will learn about the disciples who followed Me, and the millions of people whose lives were changed. You will learn how to live on earth, and how to come to Me in heaven. You can have confidence because I promised, ÒI am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.Ó You can absolutely trust in the things that are taught in My Word, so study it carefully to know what you must do and how you must live. ÑJesus ÒJesus talked directly to my heart through this Bible. As I read its pages, it was like walking and talking with Jesus. No one else was there, just the two of us. I believe God will use this Bible to get multitudes to listen to Him and follow Him.ÓÑJentezen Franklin Senior Pastor, Free Chapel Author of NY Times Best Seller, FastingAbout Me: From the beginning I am called the Word. So I, with My Father, and the Holy Spirit, inspired human authors to write the messages in the Bible. Read it with confidence because it is inspired and authoritative. It contains all you need to know to be saved and how to live for Me. ÑJesus