Tell Me Why: Time, Money & Measurement / Flight

by TMW
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The Award-Winning, Tell Me Why series based on the books by Arkady Leokum, gives informative and easy to understand answers to the many types of questions that children ask about everyday subjects, in a simple and entertaining manner. ‰ÛÏTime, Money & Measurement‰۝ focuses on questions like: How did the calendar begin? What do the months of the year mean? Why is a day 24 hours? How did our system of counting begin? What is the metric system? Topics in this episode include: Days of the Week, Length of a Day, Time Zones, Daylight Savings Time, Counting System, Measurement, Metric System, Money. ‰ÛÏMeasurement & Flight‰۝ focuses on questions like: What is flight? What is a Bi-Plane? What is a Vertol? What is a Rocket? What are Satellites? What is the Apollo program? What is Project Gemini? Topics in this episode include: Ancient History, Why Can‰۪t Man Fly, What is Flight, How Airplanes Fly, Aircraft Types, Satellites.