Tell Me Why: Science, Sound & Energy / Anatomy & Genetics

by TMW
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The Award-Winning, Tell Me Why series based on the books by Arkady Leokum, gives informative and easy to understand answers to the many types of questions that children ask about everyday subjects, in a simple and entertaining manner. ‰ÛÏScience, Sound & Energy‰۝ focuses on questions like: What makes up Science? What is Biology? When did Chemistry begin? What is noise? Can sound travel through water? What causes an echo? What is energy? Topics in this episode include: Science Definition, Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Geology, Noise, Speed of Sound, Energy, Fuel, Atom. ‰ÛÏAnatomy & Genetics‰۝ focuses on questions like: What are bones made of? What makes our muscles tired? Why do we have two nervous systems? Why do we blink our eyes? What is the spleen? How do we grow? Why are some people left-handed? Topics in this episode include: Skin, Muscles, Sleep, Brain, Breathing, Eyes, Teeth, Ears, Heart, Genes.