Tell Me How Career Series: Physical Therapist

by TMW
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Tell Me How Career Series ‰ÛÒ Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. Recommended for both School, Public Libraries and Guidance Offices. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center of school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities for young people and features real people doing real jobs. In this program host Jeff Gardner visits with therapist Lien Phan and learns how the desire to help people and the demands of the occupation shape the profession. Subjects Covered Include: What does a physical therapist do? Why is physical therapy important? What education do you need to become a physical therapist? Why do they use an ultrasound to see inside a person's body? Do you have to be strong to be a physical therapist? Where do physical therapists work? Why do doctors prescribe physical therapy for their patients? Is science important to becoming a physical therapist? What type of person makes a good physical therapist? What type of license does a physical therapist need? How does a physical therapist design a program for their patients.