Tell Me How Career Series: Librarian

by TMW
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Tell Me How Career Series ‰ÛÒ Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. Recommended for both School, Public Libraries and Guidance Offices. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center of school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities for young people and features real people doing real jobs. In this program host Jeff Gardner learns the important details of being a great librarian or resource specialist. He learns that librarians can introduce their patrons to numerous sources of information. Subjects Covered Include: Do librarians only check out books? Why is a library supposed to be quiet? Why is a library a public place? What schooling is necessary to become a librarian? Why do they give out library cards? What is the Dewey Decimal system? What else is at the library besides books? Why is reading important? Can you be a librarian, but not work for a library? Why do librarians do research? Do librarians need to know a lot about math? Why is the internet called a library?