Tell Me How Career Series: Hockey Player

by TMW
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Tell Me How Career Series ‰ÛÒ Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. Recommended for both School, Public Libraries and Guidance Offices. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center of school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities for young people and features real people doing real jobs. In this program host Jeff Gardner visits professional hockey player Gord Kruppke and learns that there is a lot more to being a professional hockey player than just playing the game on ice. Subjects Covered Include: What makes a good hockey player? Why do hockey players have their teeth removed? What is Cardio Conditioning? How long is a hockey game? How does one prepare to become a hockey player? What is a puck? What is a blue line? What are pucks made from? Do you have to go to college to be a hockey player? Do hockey players take the summer off? Why do hockey players go to the weight room? Do hockey players practice a lot?