Tell Me How Career Series: Dolphin Trainer

by TMW
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Tell Me How Career Series ‰ÛÒ Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. Recommended for both School, Public Libraries and Guidance Offices. The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center of school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities for young people and features real people doing real jobs. In this program host Melody Young and Jeff Gardner learn about this exciting profession and meet dolphin trainer Chuck Cureau as they explore the new technologies that are used to train marine mammals.Subjects Covered Include: Careers related to dolphin training. How do dolphins get trained? What subjects should you take in school to be a dolphin trainer? Why is math important to be a dolphin trainer? Are dolphins fish? Can dolphins drown? What is husbandry? Do dolphins actually learn? Do dolphins communicate with each other? What are positive reinforcements and how do they relate to everyday life? What are mammals? Are computers important to dolphin trainers? Do you have to be a good swimmer to be a dolphin trainer?