Technology - Genetic Engineering: Making Plants Grow Plastic

by TMW
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The Wonders of Technology, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology Science series covers subjects from Robots, Transportation, Agricultural Science, Science in the Third World, Making Plants Grow Plastic & New Miracles from Science. Students will develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Technology and work their way up to more complex subjects. Discover how science and nature are cooperating to give us new sources of fuel and biodegradable products. Learn how genetic engineers are taking one common plant, the rapeseed and attempting to solve both worldwide problems. Long grown for the oil contained in its seeds, rapeseed oil is used in many familiar products like cooking oil. It is also processed into biodegradable lubricants and fuel. Genetic engineers have engineered it to produce an unusual substance ‰ÛÒ plastic. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study.