Technology - Engineering: Dummy & Robot Heroes

by TMW
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The Wonders of Technology, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology Science series covers subjects from Robots, Transportation, Agricultural Science, Science in the Third World, Making Plants Grow Plastic & New Miracles from Science. Students will develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Technology and work their way up to more complex subjects. As human stand-ins, dummies and their mobile counterparts, robots have been sparing us risk to life and limb and saving our lives for decades. Perhaps the best known examples of these are crash test dummies, which have allowed automotive engineers to analyze what happens to the human body in collisions. The information obtained in these tests has helped them design safety advances like seat belts, child car seats, air bags and cars that absorb the greater energy of a crash impact. This program shows the growing sophistication of dummies and robots as well as their use in many fields of product and safety testing, disaster and rescue training, manufacturing and hazardous materials handling. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study.