Technology - Biotechnology: Decoding Nature's Secret

by TMW
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The Wonders of Technology, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology Science series covers subjects from Robots, Transportation, Agricultural Science, Science in the Third World, Making Plants Grow Plastic & New Miracles from Science. Students will develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Technology and work their way up to more complex subjects. This program delves deep into living cells to reveal one of life‰۪s most intriguing secrets, DNA, the basic set of chemical instructions that control s our unique size, shape and other biological characteristics. Learn how its discovery led to a new scientific field called biotechnology and see how researchers are using their knowledge of nature‰۪s ‰ÛÏblueprints‰۝ to genetically engineer changes in living organisms to help them live healthier, longer and more productive lives. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study.